5 things to do to start your building journey …

5 things to do to start your building journey …

Good things come to those who … get started! I’ve been sitting here procrastinating over writing our last blog for the year. Believe me, with all of life’s distractions (Instagram Reels … I’m looking at you), even though we have the time, sometimes we just don’t have the inspiration to get started. Unfortunately, if we don’t act when we have the time, we are setting ourselves up for missing out on those things we want most.

So, with many of you looking forward to some down time from the day-to-day routine over the Christmas/New Year Break, here is some inspiration for making the most of that time to get a head start on your new home building journey!

1. Make a wish list. Absolutely go for it! If money were no object what sort of home would you have. Write it all down in no particular order. Whether it’s a replica of Hogwarts with moving staircases or a simple lakeside cabin away from the hustle and bustle … no detail is to large, small or outlandish!

2. Make a picture board. Start collecting images, photos and samples of anything and everything that catches your eye. Put a board together on Pinterest or, if you’re more tactile, use a corkboard and pins to collate your ideas. Don’t dwell on things too much. If it grabs your attention … add it to the board!

3. Start sorting. Ok, so here is where you start to make sense of all of your ideas. For your wish list, start to sort it into “must haves”, “would be nice” and “can do without”. With your samples, see if you can find any patterns in what you have collected. Are you leaning towards one colour palette? Does your collection consist of more natural items or more sleek, linear forms?

4. Refine your ideas and expectations. Unless your Aladdin with a hidden genie to grant you wishes, there does come a point where reality has to come into play. Take your “must haves” and “would be nice” items from your wish list and see if you can match them up to the common patterns on your ideas board. It doesn’t have to be an exact match. You are just looking for a starting point; something that is going to give a general idea of the style, size and specification that you want to achieve.

5. Contact the team at Activa Custom Homes to have a chat about how we can turn your ideas into your new home!

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We understand that your downtime is precious and spending time with friends and family over the holiday season is essential. So why are we asking you to spend time thinking about building your new home? Well, the building process is quite time consuming and to get it right, requires some focus. It’s often difficult to find the time and ability to concentrate when life is busy.

To help make the building experience easier and more convenient for our clients, we have developed a guide to the building process with our Client Information Handbook. This handbook takes you through every step of the building process, from initial contact to after handover and maintenance. It is full of answers to frequently asked questions and also includes checklists for what you, as the client need to do to keep the process on track. This handbook has been specifically designed to make your building journey stress free and rewarding!