Scared of Commitment?

Scared of Commitment?

When you first start thinking about a new home, the prospect can be quite daunting.  Going to display homes inevitably means dealing with the sales agent.  Have you got you’re your excuses ready?  “Sorry, I’m just have a sneaky look at some interior decorating ideas” or “I’m just getting some ideas for a friend”.

When you first think that building a new home might be an option for you, that’s what you want – options.  Pressure from sales agents often ends up with people getting a slightly altered (at their cost) version of a cookie cutter home design that involves a lot of compromises.  So, what are your options when it comes to starting that initial process of choosing a design for your new home?

Display homes will show you a finished product – usually full of upgrades that aren’t included in the advertised price.  Going direct through the display home builder, you will usually get the initial design for free (you just need to pick up the sales brochure).  Why do they give you the design for free?  Because they own the copyright; and this means that you can’t go anywhere else or get alternative quotes to build your house using the same design. So how do you know you are getting the best value for your money?

Another option is to engage the services of an architect.  Architect charges vary but generally their fee is a percentage of the contract value. Architect’s services can also include items such as engaging other consultants on your behalf and project management. Generally, architect’s fees are higher than a builder or building designer and issues can be experienced if construction methods and requirements aren’t considered (it might look good on paper but how do you build it?). Architects may also find it difficult to keep to your budget as often their extra flair comes at a cost. Architects also often have a limited number of builders that they tender out your project to, which does not necessarily mean you are obtaining the best value for money.

Alternatively, you can engage the services of a building designer.  This can be a good option and they can offer greater flexibility than an architect; with their fees generally being lower. Often, designers have worked for builders in the past prior to starting their own business; as such they can have a better understanding of construction methods and how your home will translate from on page design to built form.

So what’s the best choice for you?  Going direct to a custom builder like Activa means that you get to sit down personally with our in-house accredited building designer to design the home that you want; taking into consideration your specification and your budget.  Our experience means that we can provide you with a starting point based on your vision and then develop these ideas into the design that you want.  This means that you come away with the home design that suits both your personality and lifestyle both now and into the future.

Why use our design and drafting service?

If you engage Activa for the design and drafting for your new home, you have the following advantages:-

  • It’s obligation free! There is no commitment required on your part to go ahead with the build.
  • Free initial consultation – you can meet with our BDAWA accredited Designer and Management Team to discuss your home design.
  • We design to your budget. As we do not need to pay any sales commissions, you’re immediately in front on price.
  • We give you joint copyright of the plans – this means you can get alternative quotes for your home and compare apples with apples to ensure that we are giving you the best value.
  • We will inspect your block, make enquiries about the services available and consult with local authorities as required.
  • Our fees are very competitive and better value than engaging an architect or designer directly.
  • We can also provide an obligation free proposal & detailed specification for your home when you decide to move ahead to the next stage.
  • If you engage us as your builder, then any fees you have paid for the design will be deducted from your total contract amount – you don’t get charged twice for the design & drafting services.

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