What is the “Builders Standard Range”

When making material and colour selections for your new home, you may be asked to choose from the “Builders Standard Range”.  This is the range of quality materials and fixtures for which the builder has negotiated special rates with particular suppliers.  These rates mean the builder can offer clients pricing at a much lower rate than if they were paying retail.  The rates are based on the relationship that the builder has with the supplier as well as the volume of materials that the builder orders.

Your specification will state what is included in your contract.  For example, for your main floor tiling, you may be able to choose from the Builders 600mm x 600mm rectified edge standard range.  This range will include a variety of colour options from a particular supplier.  If you want to choose a tile from a different supplier, there may be additional costs; as the builder may not have a regular trading account with that particular supplier.

As you can imagine, there are many, many suppliers of different building materials out there in the marketplace; and it is not viable for a builder to have a trading account with every single supplier.  You may have heard various companies advertising “it doesn’t matter who your builder is ..” but you will need to confirm with your builder as to what is actually included in your contract before making any selections.


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