Are Custom Builds More Expensive?

Are Custom Builds More Expensive?

Many people believe that building with a custom home builder is more expensive than getting a project home.  It all depends on what you value and consider an ‘expense’.

Building a new home is, no doubt, going to be the biggest cost outlay in your lifetime and is one of the few times you will make a purchase before seeing the completed product.  The value of your building journey and new home can be measured in a variety of ways including quality of product, time taken, price and overall build experience.  You can have a quality home but it may be more expensive.  You can have your home built quickly but you may sacrifice quality.  Or you can choose the cheapest price and probably lose out on both quality and time.

A builder that substitutes cheaper materials can cost you more in maintenance.  A builder that treats you like a number can cost you more in time.  A builder that doesn’t listen can cost you your sanity!

A reputable custom home builder is one that values the overall build experience.  We are focused on delivering excellence in customer service by providing you with the best quality home in the least time possible at the price point that you set.  This is because we know and value the materials we provide, the trades we use and the time we take.  It’s all about us working to get the best outcome for you!

It all really comes down to the old adage of ‘you get what you pay for’. If you value a build experience where you get to work with a builder that values you … that’s the real bottom line!