Bathroom Bliss

Bathroom Bliss

Bathroom Bliss! Whether you’re getting ready for a new day or winding day from the day that was, your bathroom or ensuite is your sanctuary.

So what essentials are there to great bathroom design?  Functionally, you’re going to need the basics; being a toilet, shower, vanity & basin.  Whether you like to have all of these as separate spaces or all together (as in the japanese style bathroom) is a personal choice.  Then there’s also the question of whether you have your ensuite open to the master bedroom or in a completely separate room.  The arrangement of your basic bathroom elements is completely dependent on the amount of space that you have.  But there are always a few tricks and tips that experienced designers can use to achieve the look and functionality that you want for your home.

In terms of how your bathroom or ensuite works, you also need to consider exhaust fans and lighting.  To prevent a build up of condensation and prevent mold, the number of exhaust fans required will depend on the size of the room.  Lighting should also be located over task areas such as the vanity.

Have bit of extra space?  Now you can consider how many of everything you want.  Do you often get ready at the same time as your partner?  Then maybe invest in double shower heads and basins.  Want that luxurious day spa feel without the ongoing price tag?  Including a freestanding bath (pay for once and use every day!) is the way to go.

Now comes the fun part … styling!  Whether you are going for a luxury hotel vibe or a tropical island retreat, you are only limited by your imagination (and, of course, your budget).  Some decisions need to be made up front so that they can be done during the build.  These include the location of taps (wall or vanity), size & style of shower screens and the height & extent of tiling.  Other items can be added as you go along (Kmart anyone?) including mirrors, shelving and even indoor plants!