Building a Home is like Telling a Story

Building a Home is like Telling a Story

As your English Teacher would have told you, a great story needs to include the elements of who, what, when, where, why and how.  The same applies when you are building.

To build a house, you need to know what, when, where and how.  What type of house are you going to build?  When will the building start and finish? Where is the building site located?  How will the construction be undertaken?  This story would go something like “This year, I am building a single storey, brick house in Hamilton Hill which should be finished by April”. Pretty boring hey!

To make your new home great, the most important aspects of the story will be the who and why?  Who are you?  As a person, what do you value?  What are your lifestyle goals and aspirations?  Why are you wanting a new home?  Is there something missing in the house you currently live in?  How will you feel when you move in?  How will you use your home in the future?

When you ask these questions, the story changes dramatically …

“We are a family with two young children.  We are currently renting but believe it’s time for us to have a home of our own.  We have chosen to live in a beautiful suburb that has great schools and a park directly across the road.  As the kids are still young, I’m going to be working from home; that’s why we have included a separate office space in our design.  This way, I can be available for school drop off and pick up.

Having a designated activity room means that there is room inside for the kids to play and somewhere to have all the toys packed out of the way.  This room can become a games room with a pool table when they become teenagers.  The separate parents retreat with direct access to the garden means that my husband and I also have a quiet space to relax in when we’re not entertaining family and friends in our open plan kitchen/living/alfresco area…”

Are you ready to start your new home story?