Building Your Bucket List

Building Your Bucket List

They say that money can’t buy happiness; but we all know that life is so much easier when the money is there.  So, what can money buy you?

Over the many of years of property investment, I have found that what money does buy you is opportunity.  Having extra, passive income on top of a normal wage means that there is that bit extra in the bank; so that when an opportunity comes along, you have the resources to say YES!

Here is a perfect example –

I have always been a huge fan of the Perth Band Eskimo Joe.  I have been to the majority of their local concerts and have all of their albums.  Over the years I have always said that one of my bucket list dreams is to have them play a private gig at my house.  Well, a couple of years ago, I got an email to say that Kav Temperley (lead singer of Eskimo Joe) was making himself available to do a private Parlour Gig.  All I needed to do was get on the shortlist and sell 55 tickets.

This was my opportunity!  I knew that, from our investments, I had access to enough cash to be able to buy all of the tickets and then invite all of my friends and family to come along and help me celebrate a dream that I never thought would happen.  I called it my BUCKET LIST PARTY!

On the night, I asked everyone to write down one of their own Bucket List Dreams.  These ranged from getting a hole in one at golf to travelling to see the northern lights.  I’m sure that many of the people that added to the list believe that they will never get the opportunity to actually achieve their dream.  However, through clever investment, their dreams can get closer to becoming reality.

As the entrepreneur Brad Sugars would advise “Dream x Goals x Plans x Actions = Success”.  If we want to eventually be able to tick items off our Bucket List, we need to be prepared to “do” something to make it happen.  Investing in property is one thing that you can “do”.  The right property investment can create for you a passive income – money that you didn’t have to work 9-5 for.  Money that can give you the opportunity to say YES to your dreams.


Blog by Sharon Janssen