Hamptons Style Homes

Hamptons Style Homes

We’re hearing a lot about Hampton Style Homes and the trend really seems to be kicking off in Perth.  So what is a “Hamptons” Style design?

Hamptons homes originated on the east coast on Long Island in New York.  Originally designed as a holiday beach house, their size and grandeur was thanks to their more affluent owners.  Hamptons Homes are characterised by their blue/grey colour palette with crisp white trims on the outside and the use of low maintenance natural timbers and stone on the inside.

Often built with a verandah and columns, the stately entrance to a Hamptons Home welcomes all guests to come in and relax … it is a holiday house after all!  With spacious, open plan living areas for people to gather in, Hamptons style homes also made use of large windows to take full advantage of their coastal outlook.  Other design elements include shaker profile cabinets and weatherboard cladding.

Our relaxed lifestyle in Perth lends itself well to this style of home design.  A home in which to relax and put your feet up.  Easy to maintain but with loads of character.

So, what if you don’t live on the coast with ocean views?  You can still have a Hamptons inspired home!  It’s all about taking advantage of the your outlook and making the most of open plan living.  Think large format glass stacker doors leading out onto an alfresco and garden area; or timber look floors to the living areas with crisp white skirtings.  The idea is to be inspired by the style and then make it work for you!