Houses Have Numbers … Not People

Houses Have Numbers … Not People

Have you been at the deli counter in a supermarket during a busy period? They generally have a system where you take a ticket, wait until your number comes up and then ‘bingo’ you are served by the next available staff member. Although this system is efficient for the supermarket, as the customer it’s not ideal; especially if you are in a hurry, need something specific, or are not sure what you want. This can leave you feeling frustrated or rushed; which can result in you choosing the wrong thing or forgetting something altogether.

There are many builders out there that provide this type of service.  Once you have signed, you are added to the queue and have to wait your turn for an off the shelf design to go through their system.

On the flip side, smaller builders have the opportunity to build a relationship with their clients.  They can offer clients premium service by giving them time to develop their plan and specification; as well as giving options they may not yet have considered.

At Activa Homes Group, we believe that houses have numbers; not clients.

Here are some other advantages of dealing with a smaller builder:-

  • Often these businesses are family owned and you have direct access to the owner and all of their staff (including email and mobile phone contact) throughout the entire process; including while your house is under construction.
  • Generally, you are not dealing with a sales person who receives a percentage of the price of each house they sign up. With a smaller builder, you are dealing direct; effectively cutting out the middle man and saving on the commission that would normally be built into the price of the house.
  • Smaller builders can often provide greater flexibility with the design and specification; making the build as unique as their clients.
  • Communication with a smaller builder is normally clearer and more personal. You are dealing with the same people throughout the entire process.  It also means that you are able to talk with the person best placed to answer your query.
  • Often people are not made aware of the preliminary administration and approvals process and how long that takes. With a smaller builder, these tasks can often be completed more efficiently; as there will be one person handling the process rather than multiple departments.