How To Actively Participate In Your Building Project

How To Actively Participate In Your Building Project

At Activa Homes Group, we believe building is about more than bricks and mortar.  It’s about building relationships with our clients and working together to achieve the best outcomes for all involved.  So here are some pointers for how you, as the client, can actively and positively participate in your building project.

To get the best results in anything, you need to put in the most effort.  You only need to look at Olympic athletes to see that preparation is a huge part of success.  So it helps if you are prepared for your building project by doing your homework.  Of course the internet is a great resource for searching up what is included in your specification, however, sometimes you want to see things ‘in real life’ to get a better sense of how they fit.  Block some time out to visit places such as Home Base Perth and our preferred suppliers showrooms like Laminex and Harvey Norman Commercial .  We can even arrange appointments with our sales reps so that they walk you through the process of making your selections and considering options in preparation for your pre-start.

In the preliminary stages, it really helps to have ‘your house in order’.  Being able to put your hands on important documents such as land titles and finance approvals will save you a lot of time and stress.  Having a dedicated folder, whether on line or hard copy, for all of your documents is the best way to stay organised.  Also, keep your Client Information Handbook close by as this is your guide to the building process and outlines your ‘To Do’ list for each step of your building journey.  It even has space for you to jot down any notes and ideas that you have about your build and contains important information on who to contact for support during your build.

There are many aspects to any building project and sometimes you may change your mind and request a variation.  A couple of pieces of advice from our experience.  Firstly, your first choice is usually the correct one.  Often, we see clients second guessing themselves and over thinking the small details.  It pays to keep in mind the ‘overall’ end result that you are trying to achieve.  Secondly, being decisive gets you the best results.  Chopping and changing your specification multiple times can lead to a hodge podge of competing styles and general confusion.  Thirdly, any variation requests need to be made well before that stage of construction.  It takes time to research and present options, create variations and get everything signed off before we can update orders etc.  Making decisions and responding to requests for information in a timely manner will help keep things running smoothly.

As building your home is a big ‘Life Project’, we understand that a lot is at stake for our clients and that we want to get it right.   Building a home is not a perfect science.  There are lots of moving parts and, in the end, it is a hand made product.  While you are focused fully on your building project, and rightly so, our team are focusing on multiple projects at the same time.  To ensure that all projects run smoothly, everyone involved needs to approach any issues that arise with respect and an attitude of finding ‘win-win’ solutions.