New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions

From all of us at Activa, we would like to wish you a healthy, wealthy and happy New Year.

It’s that time of year that, with all of the best intentions, many of us make resolutions to improve our health, wealth and happiness.  So, we thought we’d help you by putting together some resolutions for a healthy, wealthy and happy building journey to your new home.

1) Diet – for those us who over indulged over the holidays, the resolution to ‘eat healthier’ generally tops the list.  Just like good nutrition, you need to feed yourself with good information when building your new home.  While ‘special deals’ as advertised by some may look tempting, they are often just like the empty calories found at the bottom of the chocolate tin.  To have a healthy build, you need to feed yourself with healthy and helpful information.  Our social media, blogs and e-news are brimming with ‘educational’ nourishment to sustain you through the building process.

2) Exercise – you can’t get that healthy body without doing something.  Just like you can’t get the dream home you want without being actively involved in the process.  So take that first step.  Our Client Information Handbook is your guide to the building process including easy to follow checklists of what it is you need to do to make sure you achieve the results you want!

3) Finances – oooh those Christmas sales look tempting but it’s not a bargain if you don’t need it and it’s not within your budget!  By building with Activa, we make sure you get the best value for your money by designing and building your home uniquely to suit you. There’s no cookie cutter plans or overpriced add-on’s here.  Remember, price is what you pay but value is what you get.

4) Happiness – we are all happy when we have the peace of mind knowing that things are under control.  That’s why we focus on building relationships with our clients so that we can communicate clearly and all be on the same page.  As we pride ourselves on your experience as the client, we are all happy when you take possession of your dream home after a stress free building journey.

Make this the year where you resolve to build your new home with Activa Homes Group!