Providing Your Own Materials

Providing Your Own Materials

As a custom home builder, we offer our clients a level of flexibility above and beyond your standard builder. Part of this is allowing our clients, where possible, to provide their own materials. This may be a one of a kind oven or even a treasured chandelier that has been in the family for generations. Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind if you are looking to provide your own materials …

– You will need to provide us with the make/model number of the item(s) that you are supplying. A photo or image would also be helpful. This information is required so that trades associated with the installation can be prepared. Last minute changes to items may result in delays and/or extra costs. For example, if you have told us that you are providing a certain model of hotplate, our cabinet makers will cutout your benchtop to suit. If you change models, the cutout may be too small/large and the entire benchtop will need to be replaced at your cost.

– All materials must comply with Australian Standards and Regulations. This is the ‘tick of approval’ from the Australian Regulators. If the materials are brand new, they need to be delivered in their original packaging with the instruction manual included. If materials are not new, you will be asked to provide evidence that they comply (eg- light fittings tagged and tested by a qualified electrician).

– You need to provide your materials according to our build schedule. This means liaising with your Supervisor with regards to delivery dates. If items are not supplied on time, it may cause delays to the build schedule.

– You will need to insure your owner supplied items against theft and damage. Builders insurance does not cover owner supplied items.

– Your items will not be covered by the defects liability clause of your contract. Should the items you supplied not be in working order and/or cause damage to other parts for the home, you will be responsible for having these rectified. We suggest that you keep all receipts and lodge all warranty documents as per the suppliers instructions.