Who Are You Building For?

Who Are You Building For?

There’s a delicate balance between building the dream home you want now and upholding the resale value in the event you want to sell later down the track.  We’ve all seen those nightmare homes on TV shows where we collectively cry out “What on earth were they thinking?”.

If you are building your dream home, you have every right to make it the way you want.  It should reflect your lifestyle and personality.  No one wants to live in a bland and boring house. But your love for 80’s neon may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Here is how you can get what you want and still be able to sell your home.

1. Do your research on where you plan to build.  Your home needs to match its location.  Putting a space age, new gen design on a rural block is probably not the way to go.  If your planning on building in a family focused suburb, you need to have a family focused design to match.

2. Keep the big items neutral. These are things like kitchen benchtops, bathroom tiling etc.  All of those things that are the first to go when someone renovates.  If potential buyers start seeing dollars adding up on their renovation budget, they’re likely to look for another property.

3. Add personality where it can easily be changed for a smaller cost. This means items like paint colours, mirrors, cushions, rugs, feature recesses where you can show off your travel souvenirs.  Not only can potential buyers see that these changes are minor, it also allows you to change the look of your home whenever it takes your fancy.